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2nd Generation Nest – Manages More Heating And Cooling Stages

Second Generation Nest Smart Thermostats

The 2nd generation Nest Smart Thermostat is built with a special feature to allow for the management of three heating and two cooling stages in traditional systems. Those equipped with heat pumps can support two heating and cooling stages with auxiliary heat. The special feature is known as Time-to-Temperature. With it, this superior thermostat can estimate the time required to reach a desired temperature, and when the different stages of the heating and cooling system will be used. When the target temperature fails to be reached within an appropriate amount of time, then the next stage is activated to ensure comfort throughout the home.

The Nest Smart Thermostat displays the active stage, and also clearly indicates when the heat pump has been activated, so homeowners are always aware of the stage. For dual energy systems, the thermostat will display when the alternate heat source has been activated, which will only occur once the outdoor temperature reaches below the auxiliary heat lockout temperature.

Nest uses a heat pump balance according to your needs and preferences of either greater comfort or greater savings. The Time-to-Temperature will require one week or so to appear, depending on the usage of the heating or cooling system. The fan is also controlled in the same way, by default.

The installation expert can help you configure the various stages by using the Pro Setup, if necessary. This type of setup is meant only for complex systems, and not for those equipped with straightforward systems. For instance, a dual energy system would require the advanced setup. Systems equipped with dehumidifiers or humidifiers would also necessitate the advanced configuration menu to provide the ultimate comfort.

An HVAC system may, however, become damaged if the thermostat settings are incorrectly programmed, so we highly advise that the system is set up by a professional installer trained to use Pro Setup. Installing top-quality heating and cooling systems comes at a higher cost than less efficient systems but they will pay for themselves sooner, while providing optimum comfort.

Zodiac Heating and Air Conditioning sell, install, and service today’s most popular thermostats, including Nest, Carrier Cor, Carrier Infinity, Honeywell, and more. To learn more about a smart thermostat for your home, visit our website or give us a call.

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