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Should I Be Concerned About Carbon Monoxide In My Home?

Is it right to be worried about the levels of carbon monoxide levels in the home you live in and possibly share with a partner and family? Well, if you know the facts about carbon monoxide

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HVAC Repair, Installation or Maintenance

Why Is It Important To Have A NATE Certified Technician Servicing Your Home?

Repairing, installing or maintaining your HVAC system is not a task that should be taken lightly. If you want your HVAC system to give you value and save energy, the installation

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Benefits of 2-Stage Furnace Over 1-Stage Furnace

What is two-stage heating?

There are many reasons a homeowner might choose a two-stage heating system over a single stage furnace. A two-stage heating system does not always function

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Zodiac Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Heat Pump Vs. Furnaces For Heating

Furnaces and heat pumps work in two different ways to provide heat, and it can be difficult to understand the differences. To decide which is the best fit for you, it helps to understand how they work

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Reduce Heating Costs Throughout Cold Season

How Can I Reduce My Winter Energy Costs?

While 40 degree winters may sound mild compared to others in parts of the country where the pipes freeze and the thermostat may not get above zero even during the warmest part of the day

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AC Drainage Clogs, Slow Fans Repair/Service

My Air Conditioner Is Frozen! What Happened?

Air conditioners are designed to provide cooling but they are not supposed to freeze themselves. Unfortunately, this can happen in certain

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New Air Conditioner/Heating Buying Tips

Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a New AC or Furnace

Buying a new furnace or air conditioning unit is a big expense. These are also some of the most important appliances you'll buy to make your home

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Cooling System Fun Facts

Air Conditioning Fun Facts: How Your Great-Grandparents Stayed Cool

Different societies throughout time have used various air conditioning methods in order to stay cool. While many of these methods have changed somewhat, they were precursors

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New Air Conditioning System Installation

The Importance of Sizing Your New Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all. Different homes have different cooling needs, and buying a new air conditioner with too little or too much cooling capacity will negatively impact your cooling

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New Central AC System Installation

Can I Just Replace the Outdoor Unit on an Older Air Conditioning System to Save Money?

The central air conditioner in your home is a relatively complicated system that houses several main components. One of these components, called an evaporator coil, typically sits inside your house

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Cooling System Replacement

How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My AC?

Over the years, cooling systems inevitably require regular tune-ups and various repairs to keep functioning effectively and efficiently. Eventually, the day will come when it makes more financial sense to replace your air conditioning system than to keep paying for repairs

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Air Conditioner & Heater Repair

Why You Should Be Wary of Bargain HVAC Repairs

Amazed by the low price on your HVAC repair estimate? Be careful. That low price might cost you more money in the long run. Cheaper is not always better.

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Air Conditioner & Heater Maintenance

Do I Need Maintenance For My Heating And Cooling System?

Do you really need to perform maintenance on your HVAC system? It's one of those costs that most people would like to avoid, but it also seems like a necessity to others. If you stop for a moment to think about what maintenance can do for your home and your heating and cooling system

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